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Dive sites

Home Wharf

Shallow training dive site under the wharf at Forster Dive Centre, and a surprisingly good structural or night dive.

Depth : 4m

Edith Breaker and Jimmy’s Cave

An extensive reef system covering over 200 square meters, responsible for sinking the SS Satara on 20 April 1910. Jimmys cave is a substantial and mostly fully enclosed cave penetration dive.

Depth : 10m to 34m

Status Rock

The home reef of Seal Rocks, perfect second dive . Sheltered dive site with Grey Nurse Sharks, turtles, Grouper and lots of schooling pelagics.

Depth : 10m to 16m

Big Seal Rock

The focus of grey nurse shark aggregation in the Seal Rocks Complex, at times there may be more than 50 individuals gathered either at the southern tip or in the western gutter.

Depth : 12m to 26m

Little Seal Rock

Complex rock reef structure with grey nurse sharks, bull rays, and plenty of schooling fish. The rock that sunk the Catterthun on 8 August 1895.

Depth : 15m to 28m

Idol Bay

An excellent second dive just West of Latitude Rock. Plenty of bommies on a mixed rock and sand bottom. Full of big and small marine species. One of the most enjoyable shallow reef dives on the Mid Coast of NSW.

Depth : 10m

Bennetts Head Bommie

Rock reef with a short swim through cave just off Bennetts Head. Plenty of macro life, anemones and large bull and eagle rays on the sand.

Depth : 8m to 10m

Forster Barge

The Wallis Island work barge which lays on a bed of reef creating an overhang in nutrient rich water near the Wallis Lake opening, teeming with big critters and macro photography opportunities.

Depth : 24m to 28m

The Pinnacle

Isolated rock pinnacle, a favourite hangout for big critters including rays, jewfish and grey nurse sharks.

Depth : 20m to 40m

Latitude Rock

An isolated rock reef covered in sponge growth, macro and big critters, grey nurse sharks and schooling pelagics. One of our most popular dives in the region , it keeps you wanting more !

Depth : 10m to 18m