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Home Wharf

Depth : 4m

The old wooden wharf makes for an interesting structural dive with a sand and sea grass bottom at 4 meters depth and plenty of estuary fish.


At night you find crabs, shrimp and other critters crawling about on the wooden pylons and support structure.  Go for a night dive right under the dive shop, then down the street for a steak and beers.


In winter the estuary is colder than the ocean, generally you can expect water temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees.  In summer, especially at low tide, the shallow water can be heated by the sun and may range up to 24 degrees.


Visibility ranges from your hand in front of your face, to an easy 8 meters. Given the nature of the site, anything between 3 to 8 meters visibility is quite diveable.


Divers swimming in and around the structure should always be aware that there will be boat traffic close overhead, and should therefore stay beneath the wharf itself.