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Price (AUD)
First hour $30
After first hour $10

Stand Up Paddleboards are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way to spend a couple of hours on the calm estuary waters of Forster. Partly surfing, and partly kayaking, stand up paddleboards are fun at all ages.

To stand up, you start by moving from a laid down position, to kneeling with your knees just behind the mid-point of the paddleboard.

Place your paddle across the deck of the paddleboard just in front of your knees.

Lean on your paddle and in one smooth motion, hop onto your feet, so that your upper body remains in position and your paddle is still on the deck of the paddleboard. You should now be crouching.

Slowly rise into a standing position. You should now be standing with your feet at shoulder width apart, both level just behind the centre of the board.

Hold the paddle with one of your hands about one-third of the way down the shaft of the paddle and one hand on the handle of the paddle.

Dig the blade into the water about 50 cm in front of you and then smoothly pull the blade of the paddle through the water until it reaches a point about 20 cm behind your body. Lift the blade out of the water and repeat.

You may wish to paddle several times on one side before alternating hands and sides. This will vary depending upon wind conditions, currents, and if you are attempting to turn the stand up paddle board.


Paddleboards Terms and Conditions:


1. Paddleboards are only available for hire during daylight hours.

2. A security bond and credit card details are required for each Kayak and/or Paddleboard, any damage will be deducted from the security bond.

3. No hire Paddleboards are allowed seaward of the Forster-Tuncurry Bridge except by special arrangement.