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Bennett's Head Bommie: 8-10m

Bennetts Head Bommie is an isolated rock formation almost 80 metres long, standing from the sand at 10 metres depth to just below the surface.  On the ocean side there is a small cave that you can noodle around. On the sand close to the bommie are large species including shovel nose rays, bull rays and turtles.  On and around the bommie there are a wide range of temperate water reef species including red morwong, eastern blue groupers, luderick, surgeonfish, leatherjacket, old wife, and long snouted boarfish.   The bommie itself is decorated by anemones, kelp and soft corals, which provide a perfect habitat for moray eels, cuttlefish, nudibranchs and shrimp.  Lobsters and hermit crabs can be found in the short cave.
Visibility is generally good, and may be crystal clear as far out as 30 metres.
Temperature ranges from 18 to 24 degrees.