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Big Seal Rock: 12-26m

Big Seal Rock, the northern most feature of the Seal Rocks complex, was a local fishing spot and deadly shipping hazard long before it was a dive site.  Big Seal Rock is an extensive rock reef, which can be explored at 16 to 25 meters depth, down to the sand at 30 meters depth. Big Seal Rock can be done as a back and forth wall dive centred on the anchor line. The terrain is mostly bare rock with only sporadic growth, however the wide range of gutters, overhangs, caves and bommies attract grey nurse sharks and huge numbers of schooling pelagic fish. The Eastern Gutter starts from a pronounced rock overhang to the south east, and runs north up a natural ramp to a shallower area. The Eastern Gutter is the focus of the local grey nurse shark aggregation site, with dozens of individuals cruising back and forth. Big Seal Rock is offshore and exposed to the prevailing swell and the East Australian Current running north to south.  All divers should carry a surface marker buoy to signal the boat in case of ascent away from the anchor line in the strong current.  
Visibility is generally good, often crystal clear out to 30 meters. 
Water temperature ranges from 18 to 24 degrees.