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Idol Bay: 10m

Idol Bay is located just West of Latitude Rock and makes an excellent second dive.  As a complex rock reef system, there are plenty of opportunities to anchor a boat, although be careful of some of the bommies that may come close to the surface.   Jumping into Idol Bay for a second dive, you can immediately see a mix of isolated and interconnected bombora structures to explore.  Idol Bay is a garden of rock reef covered in colourful sponges and kelp beds.  Hunting among the various nooks and crannies reveals shrimp, muscles, nudibranchs and moray eels.   Blue spotted stingrays are very common on the clear sandy bottom between reef structures.  Over the sand you can also spot eagle rays, bull rays, yellow tail kingfish, and turtles.   Idol Bay is shallow and so can be done at your leisure.   There are so many bommies, gutters and reef structures at Idol Bay it is pointless to give specific dive plans.  The best plan is to jump in, stick with your buddy, and explore as many features as you can find, crossing the sandy areas to reach new features.   If you are unable to find your way back to the anchor line, do a blue water ascent, and do a mid water safety stop using your computer or depth gauge.   Idol Bay is fairly well sheltered from current and swell and can be done in most conditions.  
Water temperature varies from 18 to 24 degrees.  
Visibility can range from 7 to 25 meters.