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SS Satara: 38-44m

At 44 meters depth the Satara is outside the limits of a recreational diver, but very accessible with technical qualifications. The Satara can be done on air. Open circuit technical divers should aim to do the wreck over two dives.  Rebreather divers can plan to spend a long comfortable dive on the wreck. This is a big wreck requiring a minimum of 30 minutes to complete a circumnavigation.
The Satara rests on a sandy bottom with a scattering of bommies within 30 meters around the wreck. The bow is relatively intact, and hides a number of interesting artefacts for those with the patience to hunt for them. The Satara lies on a generally north-east line. There are some limited penetration opportunities on the Satara, however the sides have mostly collapsed. 
Visibility on the Satara can reach 30 meters on a good day. Current is usually light near the bottom but stronger in the water column. Temperature ranges from 14 to 24 degrees.  

At 12.15 pm, the Satara stuck Edith Breaker, a small reef south west of the Big Seal Rock. Another ship, the Orara passed the Satara, before realising she was in trouble and returning to assist by rescuing crew from the lifeboats. The last five crew members aboard ended up in the water when the Satara sank below the surface at 1.10 pm. A third ship, the Dorrigo, arrived on the scene and rescued these five crew members, including Captain Hugill.