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Status Rock: 10-16m

Located just off the headland at Seal Rocks, Status Rock has sheer sides that drop to the sand at 12 metres depth.  A pronounced overhang often shelters wobbegong sharks, port Jackson sharks and cuttlefish.  Bommies and gutters in the surrounding rock reef attract a small but consistent number of grey nurse sharks. Light growth of kelp and sponge decorates the rocky terrain. Status Rock also makes a good sheltered second dive after another, more exposed dive around Seal Rocks. Divers should stay generally within visual range the rock reef, and avoid straying too far onto the sand as it may be difficult to navigate back to the reef.  In some conditions, funnelled swell can become a problem close to the narrow gap between Status Rock and the headland.  Otherwise this is generally a comfortable spot, sheltered from swell and current.

Accessible from the shore for the very motivated divers!