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Scuba Diving with Disabilities: Anyone Can Do It!

Are you wondering if you can scuba dive? The answer is yes, you can! Scuba diving can be enjoyed by anyone. Our underwater world is incredible and should be embraced by everyone and not excluded to those with disabilities. Scuba diving takes those suffering from physical and mental pain to a world of freedom and weightlessness.
Here at Forster Dive Centre, we believe that learning diffuculties should not stop you from scuba dving! Downs Syndrome, Autism, PTSD, it doesn't matter, we get you wet!

The health benefits of scuba diving
The benefits of scuba diving for disabled and non-disabled people are tremendous. Diving can improve the health and fitness of anyone. Diving challenges your endurance and improves your cardiovascular strength. The feeling of gliding underwater in this ethereal world has amazing calming effects. Scuba diving is the only activity in the world that has zero gravity. And the enjoyment of that zero gravity gives people with various physical disabilities a special freedom.
Diving together as buddies encourages participation, important communication, and can reduce feelings of isolation. As humans, we are extremely social creatures. Some of the best help we can offer to ourselves and others, is to share experiences and feelings together.

" When I dive I feel like everybody, equal! Underwater, there is only one language of communication." Caitlin, Rescue diver in training on the spectrum.

At Forster Dive Centre, our goal is the help our participants learning new water skills, whether it be learn to float and swim, snorkel or explore the new adventures of SCUBA diving! In a fun and safe evironment, we teach our participants scuba diving skills at their own pace. From making bubbles to removing and replacing a mask underwater. 
With all our sessions we encourage our participant to be independent. Whilst scuba diving skills relate specifically for scuba they also teach great life skills used in everyday life with hand eye coordination, concertration, n bobedience, confidence just to identify some.

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